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Employment Opportunities

 Veterinary Assistant      

CatTails Feline Health Center is currently accepting applications for a full time Veterinary Assistant.  The qualified applicant must hold a certificate of completion from an accredited course in veterinary assisting or equivalent experience in a veterinary clinical setting. Duties include, but not limited to:

      Assist veterinarian or technician in restraint &/or treatments      Assist in basic front desk operations and client services      Assist in feline diet ordering      Unpack and stock Inventory, hospital supplies, pharmacy      Order all cleaning supplies for the hospital      Maintain grounds and exterior of windows as needed (where not provided by property maintenance)      Clean surgical suite, pre and post-surgery      Clean treatment/exam areas after each patient     Operating autoclave/Instrument sterilization    Ensure and assist other staff members in hospital cleanliness at all times      Note and report all hospitalized animal health changes to the veterinarian or technician      Perform nursing care for all hospitalized patients, including feeding/watering, kennel /litter box cleaning, and generally maintaining comfort and cleanliness      Perform basic grooming of patients, such as shaving and bathing when needed      Assist technician in cleaning, packing, and generally maintaining, and sterilize surgical packs      Assist in keeping accurate hospital medical records      Assist in performing and developing radiographs      Setting up for surgery, dental procedures and anesthesia      Clean laundry and dishes, vacuum/mop as needed, at least daily      Assist in maintaining supplies ordering list and shelving items when they arrive      Complete daily/weekly/monthly general in-hospital maintenance/cleaning      Assist in collecting lab samples and preparing lab requisition paperwork     Processing lab samples that are run in the hospital      Assist in collecting temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, and weight on patients      Assist in monitoring patients during and following anesthesia      Remove rubbish at least daily from cans throughout clinic      Maintain ability to trim cats’ nails (at least on calmer patients)      Assist in marketing, and promote a positive hospital image inside and outside the hospital. Assist in marketing, and promote a positive hospital image inside and outside the hospital

Contact Our Practice Manager, Guy DuFort          Phone: 719-575-0007            email:   [email protected]

Please include your resume with your contact information if inquiring by email

Or apply in person at our office 3625 Star Ranch Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

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